GIVING: The NOISE factor and its effect

Have you ever stopped to think about the flood of information that comes your way? Have you ever really taken the time to seriously try to filter all the information that deluges your brain? Just looking at, or thinking about, the sheer volume of information may make this an exercise in futility! But, come to think of it our inbuilt mechanism, whatever or however it operates, is already doing a good job because of the plethora of information that come our way, we do conscientiously store that which we want to store. Those that we do not punctiliously store may be stored anyway – in our sub-conscious mind.

The information that we absorb gets to our brain via our 5 senses.

There is the information that is garnered via ones sense of touch. Who can forget the accidental burning of their fingers because they failed to heed mums or dad’s warning not to touch the stove or a glowing piece of charcoal? Or who can forget the soothing feeling of cool or tepid water running over their body-standing under the shower or bathing in a stream-after a hard day’s work? Not to mention the masculine embrace of your father or the softer hug of your mother. Think of others, the information gathered through touch is endless!

Of course information reception will not be complete if we overlook those gathered by means of one’s sight. The colours, the people, the buildings, the trees, the sky, the animals and insects that one sees all add up to the ultimate decision one will make regarding a flower they may want to pick or people they may wish to befriend down to the pet they want to keep. You may not totally appreciate this information gathering avenue until you become blind

One cannot by pass the taste factor in this discussion! Unless you taste your mum’s or girlfriend’s cooking your assessment of its deliciousness will not be complete! You can only decide if food is salted adequately if you taste it. Taste is an essential part of information gathering!

The sense of smell complements ones taste factor. Something may smell good and in your mind’s eye you think it must be a mouth-watering dish, but that can only be confirmed upon you tasting it. The pungent smell of ammonia or the sweet smell of a flower or the smell of anything for that matter all go towards your overall judgement of the world around you.

And then there is noise! The information that enters our brain via the sense of hearing can also be overpowering!

I will make a clarification, re sound and noise, on the outset. I know that people, those in the know, make a distinction between sound and noise but I will leave that to them. I am going to blanket all sound under the umbrella of noise for purposes of this discussion. Having qualified that, let’s continue.

I once read of a small child from Lebanon who went to live in a country outside of Lebanon after war had ravaged his homeland. Starting from day one, in the tranquillity and peace of his adopted home he cried incessantly every night much to the consternation of his guardians. No one could fathom the reason for his nightly bouts of crying until a week or so had passed. They found out that he cried because he could not stand the silence! He was so used to the chatter of gunfire and the explosion of bombs not to mention the screaming of powerful fighter jet engines and swoosh of rockets that the silence was alien to him. Yes there is the noise of war.

There is also the noise of suffering. The cry of an abused child or mother or girlfriend! The anguish in the voice of one undergoing torture or the pain in the wailing of somebody who has lost a loved one. It seems you can actually feel their pain even though you are merely hearing the sound of their suffering.

Take a walk or drive through a thriving metropolis on any given day and the cacophony of sound that hits your ears is both numerous and varied. Car and truck engines! Blaring horns. Construction jackhammers. Construction drills. Shopping mall music. Cinema music. I have not even exhausted this list but I think you catch my drift.

Even in the humble villages from which some of us hail you will be bombarded with noise! There is the noise of hens clucking, birds chirping, children crying, children laughing, brooks gurgling, fathers scolding and dogs barking. Noise coming from different sources but noise none the less!

What’s with this prolonged discussion on ‘noise’ you may ask? Hurry up and get to the point already! And yes it is pretty lengthy and I can still keep going but to satisfy your question I have a point to make!

You see this is the fifth blog I have written and all the blogs have had one expressed aim; that of inviting, even imploring, you to financially support the flood victims of the April 14, 2014 floods in the Solomon Islands. Here is the link:

Now let’s go back to your ‘why the noise discussion’ question.

I am a tad afraid that all this ‘noise’ may be distracting you thus hindering you from giving to this appeal. Let’s face it a big percentage of all this ‘noise’ is advertising ‘noise’. The kind that is trying to get your attention to buy a product or go watch a movie or travel to some tropical clime for ‘that much deserved holiday’ that you have been putting off for so long. So much so that this medium of information transfer, that I am using-sight-is maybe, being shut out!

I am honking the proverbial horn again via this blog to bring your attention to the plight of my fellow Solomon Island citizens who suffered during the floods. Help is getting there but they need all the help they can get, so why don’t you give to alleviate their suffering. Here is that link again;

Go to and make a donation you do not know how much it will mean to them.

In fact it is imperative that you help now since the life of this appeal site is coming to an end shortly. The link is:

Enjoy whatever the time of day, or night, it is that you are reading this. I wish you well!



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