GIVING: Lessons learnt from the Dead Sea and the Tibetan Plateau Lakes…

We human beings are social beings. How do I know? Well it is pretty obvious since we live in villages, towns, cities and even countries. We get married. We have social clubs; all female ones as well as all male ones and yes, we do have mixed ones as well. We have religious leanings, we have sects, we join sports teams, we go to co-educational schools, our tribes communicate in languages known only to us, we read books and we even try to learn other languages to try and improve our relationships- not only our communication skills.

I also know that we are social beings because the elements who try to deny the social aspect of the human race-like recluses and hermits-comprise a negligible percentage of the global population.

As the old adage goes, ‘no man is an island’.

We thrive in our social cliques by relating to each other through giving, loving, selling to each other, talking to each other, playing with each other, having compassion for each other and singing to and with each other; of course the list does not end there.

In fact there is a feel good factor in society when somebody or someone gives to another. Case in point; the New York police officer, Lawrence DePrimo, who in November 2012 was photographed by Jennifer Foster giving a brand new pair of boots to a homeless, barefoot man in Times Square!

The two million Facebook viewers and 28,000 comments overnight say it all! We are social beings! We thrive when we interact with each other!

Notice how our social groupings, society if you like, succeed? Each individual has an ‘outlet’ of some sort and the group to which each individual belongs has some form of ‘outlet’ as well. Of course for each ‘outlet’ there is always an ‘inlet’. There is this interdependence that underpins our existence. In fact I will go as far as to boldly say that without this symbiosis or interdependence our social groupings will cease to exist. They will no longer be alive!

Remember the flowing waterways I alluded to in my last blog? When those waterways have an ‘outlet’ or when they continue to flow their environment and the waterways themselves thrive!

What do the Dead Sea and the Tibetan Plateau Lakes have in common? Well for starters they are both saline bodies of water. They are part of the 0.008% of the total saline bodies of fresh water that exist on this planet. They do not support any meaningful flora and fauna apart from maybe some frogs and insects that adapt. The most glaring commonality is they do not have any ‘outlet’. They have ‘inlets’ but no outlets. In other words they receive but they do not give!

It is for this very reason that they do not live or are not alive! And because they are ‘dead’ they do not support life! When we live with and for each other we ensure our survival! It pays to both give and receive!

I can emphatically say that this interdependence or act of giving and receiving is very good for our individual and collective sanity and wellbeing! They are what make our communities thrive!

It would be worth our/your while to get rid of all semblances of the Dead Sea and Tibetan Plateau lakes – receive and receive. You need to receive and give! It is good for your individual wellbeing! Healthy individuals mean a healthy community!

Why don’t you be like the flowing waterways and give to the Solomon Islands April 2014 flood victims by clicking on the link below?

Don’t be like the Dead Sea and the Tibetan Plateau Lakes! They receive but they do not give so they are virtually dead! Click on the link below and give!